Our Impact

For over 45 years, MOWOCNC has been on the frontlines of providing food and connection to older adults living in place in Orange County, NC. From our first delivery in 1976 of 4 meals to over 65,000 per year in 2022. 

No older adult should experience hunger and isolation. Especially when we have the capacity within our communities to help alleviate both. We want and need to do more. And with your support, we can and do.

Meals on Wheels of Orange County, NC serves some of the most at-risk individuals in our community. 

  • 93% of our recipients are 60 or older
  • 64% are female
  • 81% live alone
  • 47% are a racial or ethnic minority.
  • About 38% live in rural Orange County

Meals on Wheels Orange County, NC offers so much more than a meal. We provide sustenance for the body, through the delivery of healthy meals, and the soul, through the development of authentic human connections. We offer comfort, connection, stress-relief, a sense of security and a tether to the broader community.

  • 93% agree/strongly agree that, "Receiving meals on wheels helps me to eat more nutritious food."
  • 90% agree/strongly agree that, "Receiving meals on wheels has improved my health."
  • 87% agree/strongly agree that, "Without MOWOCNC I would not have access to healthy meals every weekday."
  • 100% agree/strongly agree that, "Receiving services from MOWOCNC helps me remain in my home."
  • 87% agree/strongly agree that, "Receiving services from MOWOCNC reduces my need for in-home care."
All our meals are subsidized, and 90% of our local recipients require support above the baseline subsidy to be able to receive a meal. No recipient is turned away due to lack of ability to pay. Thus, the majority of our recipients would not have access to a meal, a check-in, or the peace of mind and health benefits that both bring, without the generosity of our individual donors, grant funders, corporate sponsors and club and congregational partners.

Volunteer, Donate, Advocate. Together, we can deliver.